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  • PMCC- The Future of Colour Rendition
    PMCC- The Future of Colour Rendition
    Abstract A colour rendition chart, named Preferred Memory Colour Chart (PMCC), has been produced. It includes 30 colours, diving into three groups: preferred memory colours, reference colour gamut and a grey sale. The methods to derive these colours and the colour specification of each colour were covered. Its applications were also introduced. 1.Introduction XRite ColorChecker chart (XCCC) [1], which has been widely used in imaging industry for five decades, as a colour reproduction target. It has been widely used to build colour correction metric for cameras under different illuminants, to check the fidelity against the image on displays. The chart has been widely used for evaluating cameras’ quality in terms of colour accuracy, white balance, tonal response, noise or signal to noise ratio (SNR), etc. It also includes some memory colours, by reproducing the measurement results of some familiar objects. It can be concluded it has been widely used to achieve successful colour reproduction. However, it has been realised that users are more appreciate pleasing images rather than accurate images. Hence, Hunt [2] differentiate the fidelity against preferred colour reproductions. Preferred Memory Colour Chart (PMCC) as shown in Fig. 1 was intended to provide a tool for evaluating the device…