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LEDSSF Camera Testing Equipment

LEDSSF is a device to characterize a camera’s Spectral Sensitivity Function (SSF) or Quantum Efficiency (QE).  It also provides color correction metrics (CCM) for any combination of illuminant/materials.

  • 19 LED channels for sampling a camera’s spectral sensitivity curve.
  • High illumination uniformity (95%) at the center region (5 cm diameter)
  • CCM devised to cover multiple illuminants on a comprehensive selection of materials
    • Materials include coatings, textiles, printed materials, plastics, and skins
    • 4 types: 1) all CIE illuminants, 2) laboratory sources, 3) commercial sources, and 4) custom sources
  • Specifications
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LED channels*118 channels
Spectral range400-700nm
LED channel drive methodAmplitude Modulation
Resolution*210 bit (1024 steps dimmable for each channel)
Warm up timeNo
Capacity80 light source in LEDCube hardware, unlimited in software
Short-term stability*3ΔLuminance <±0.5%
Long-term stability*4ΔLuminance <±1.5%
Software instrument compatibilityKonica Minolta CL500A & CS-2000, THOUSLITE FS & FS-VIS-IR Spectrometer Jeti Specbos 1211UV spectroradiometer
Electrical110/230V, 50/60Hz, 200W (max)
Operating ambient temperature0-30°C
ConnectionUSB cable
light emitting surfaceCircle: diameter 3cm (by customerization up to diameter 8cm)
Uniformtydiameter 8cm>96%
Dimensions(L/W/H) & Weight609×321×458 mm,13 kg
Interior colorLEDCube:black(Default),L type of mixing cavity:white(Default)
Scope of deliveryLEDCube light source, power cord, USB cable
Supplementary accessoriesMeasurement device, customerized aluminium support
Software (optional)-

*1:The number of LED kinds
*2:Actually 1000 steps can be used because some steps for low luminance calibration.
*3:When set light source without warm up time under enviroment temperature 25°, short-term stability is measureed during 24 hours and compared to average value.
*4:When set light source after 30 minutes warm up time under enviroment temperature 25°, long-term stability is measureed during 90 days and compared to average value.