Lighting Cabinet, Multi-channel LED, Daylight & Blackbody Simulator, Image Evaluation, Camera Calibration, Visual Assessment


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LEDSimulator Real Lighting Environment Colour Appearance Reproduction System

LEDSimulator is a powerful tool for communicating Total Appearance throughout the supply chain.  It supports design creativity, allowing color to be 1) visualized on a wide range of textures and 2) matched between the virtual and real samples.  LEDSimulator can also be used to build a color-texture database for testing camera quality.

  • Colorway supports color selection, matching, and palette design
  • Includes 3 observer window sizes and various substrates for evaluating texture effects
  • 2 tunable LED panels provide a wide color gamut
  • The LEDView viewing cabinet includes D65, A, and TL84 for surface color assessment
  • CIE L*a*b*, L*C*h, and QTX file compatibility for data communication
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  • Total Appearance Reproduction System

    Reproduce the four attributes of Total Appearance, including color, texture, gloss and translucency.

  • 2022052606520879
    Realtime colour design, eliminate wasteful sampling.

    Not only the colour, but also the texture and gloss of substrates.

  • 2022052607041254
    Designer's color palette, you can choose any colour you want

    A large colour gamut, not limited to the colours on the books or fan decks of colour patches using either coated ink on paper or textile dyes on flat fabric..

  • 2023011303591454
    Total Appearance digital communication platform, shorten the design cycle
  • 2022052607225783
    Multi-channel LED standard lighting viewing cabinet, can reproduce high quality standard daylight

    To reproduce any phase of daylight with highest quality on the market in terms of Color Rendering Index (CIE Ra) 99 and Metamerism Index (MI) Grade A .The viewing cabinet includes the standard CIE illuminants D50、D65 and D75.

  • 2023011304015339
    Multifunction Equipment

    Colour Matching Area: Multi-channel LED Standard Viewing Cabinet Real-time Light Dyeing Area: 2 LEDPanel project light to colour the white cloth into the target colour.

  • 2022052607174781
    Light Dyeing Area: You can choose any uncoloured substrates.

    Light Dyeing Area: By using LEDSimulator software and 2 large colour gamut LEDPanels to colour the substrates, the light uniformity is >90%

  • 2022052603355878
    Portable dark room

    A compartment covered by the black cloth in the back of the cabinet to prevent the interference of ambient light in the room.

Color assessment
(Color assessment cabinet)
Light simulation
(Color assessment cabinet + LEDPanel)
ModelLEDView - STDLEDView - STDLEDPanel - S3
LED channels14 channel14 channel-
Spectral range380~730 nm380~730 nm-
LED channel drive methodAmplitude ModulationAmplitude ModulationAmplitude Modulation
Resolution10 bit (1024 steps dimmable for each channel)10 bit (1024 steps dimmable for each channel)10 bit (1024 steps dimmable for each channel)
Warm up timeNoNoNo
LED lifetime>12,000 hours>12,000 hours>12,000 hours
LED simulated source amount80 light source in LEDView hardware and can be switched via touch screen switch panel , unlimited in software->1,000,000,000 colors
LED simulated source optionsDaylight Options (exclude UV):
CIE D50,CIE Ra: 99, MIvis: A, 1000lux
CIE D65,CIE Ra: 99, MIvis: A, 1000lux
CIE D75,CIE Ra: 99, MIvis: A, 1000lux Others:
A, CIE Ra>97
or customer specify
Default light source:
CIE D50,CIE Ra: 99, MIvis: A, 500lux
CIE D65,CIE Ra: 99, MIvis: A, 500lux
A,CIE Ra>97, 500lux
TL84, 500lux
LED simulated source CCT range and accuracyCCT: 2000~20000K
Duv: -0.02~+0.02
Color difference between instruments--larger than the gamuto of sRGB and DCI-P3
Color difference between instruments--< 1 E00
LED simulated source
illumination level
Default: 1500 lux
Further adjust via software. Max up to 2500lux, depending on the illuminant
Default: 500 lux120 cd/m2 @ Reflection 94%
LED simulated source stability±1.5%
Two options for fluorescent tubesChoose two from the following three
CWF (Default)
TL84 (Default)
Fluorescent intensity adjustmentYes--
Software instrument compatibility--Jeti Specbos 1211UV
Interior colorMunsell N5
Munsell N7 (Default)
Observation area size(L/W/H)650×540×390 mm650×540×390 mm3 kinds of Shading boards
Control methodTouch screenTouch screenUSB cable
Electrical100-240V 50/60Hz,300W MAX
External dimensions(L/W/H)1230×1020×840 mm
Weight70  Kg
Scope of deliveryOverhead luminarie, viewing cabinet, diffuser, power cord, USB cable, Portable darkroom, 3 kinds of Shading boards, THOUSLITE FS spectrometer (optional)

*The ambient temperature of LEDSimulator should be at 25±2°

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LEDSimulator Video